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100 Mil Alz USD 12.14 Mercury
200 Mil Alz USD 24.28 Mercury
300 Mil Alz USD 36.42 Mercury
400 Mil Alz USD 48.56 Mercury
500 Mil Alz USD 60.7 Mercury
600 Mil Alz USD 72.84 Mercury
800 Mil Alz USD 97.12 Mercury
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5000 Mil Alz USD 607 Mercury
8000 Mil Alz USD 971.2 Mercury
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  • Introduction of Cabal Online
  • The background Story of Cabal The legend is that long long ago , there is an ancient civilized and developed society beyond now , but due to the arrogance of people angered the devil , the man who was with his six servants to destroy the world. The CABAL cleansed the land with fury and destruction .

    Ancient civilizations were destroyed , and the human being was struck with heavy annihilation , the ocean dry , the land subsidence , dark monster race to the human meat for food . A large and large number of people dead ... ...

  • When mankind was about to suffer the cruel destruction , the Savior appeared , the devil was under seal in Glacier ... ...
  • Now , almost a thousand years later , the devil's attendants will lead their subordinates to untied seals and release the devil ... ... the Cabal are about to controling the evil and cleanse the land again . It is the world you will face ... ...